Our team devotes 100% of our time and energy to listening to the homeowner, seeking first to understand how we can help. Our mission is to provide a simple and quick home selling option to homeowners who may not wish to go through the listing process or settle for a low price from an online iBuyer. As Atlanta natives, our goal is to help local homeowners find the best solution for their selling needs.

Our team will always pay you a fair price for your Atlanta area house. We will close in 14 days, even on the properties that haven’t been able to sell on the MLS. Whether you are dealing with foreclosure, repairs, or a new investment opportunity, we will buy the houses iBuyers won’t touch!

About Wesley Harper

Wesley Harper is the CEO of GuranteedCashOffer.com, an Atlanta based real estate investment company. He is a 4th generation Atlanta resident, dedicated to helping homeowners throughout the area with all of their real estate needs. First licensed in 1994, Wesley brings a wealth of knowledge, professional service, and the ability to provide his clients with options. He brings to the table over 25+ years of local real estate knowledge and experience. Whether you need to list or sell directly, Wesley and his team will help you determine which selling method is right for you!

Wesley Harper | CEO

Should You Sell Your House With An Atlanta Real Estate Agent or To A Direct Buyer?

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While listing a house is a great option for some Atlanta area homeowners, for others, a direct sale is a much better choice. Download our FREE Guide here to explore the pros and cons of selling your Atlanta house to a professional home buyer. Contact us anytime if you have questions or if you are interested in receiving a fast and direct offer for your house. There is never any obligation!

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